Hosting IT Infrastructure Requirements

This document describes the requirements for the hosting IT infrastructure necessary to install the BotGuard cloud node.


System Requirements

The installation of the BotGuard node can be implemented on a physical or a virtual server. The following hardware and software requirements need to be met:

  • 2 Xeon-class CPU cores
  • 1 GiB RAM
  • 15 GiB HDD
  • 1 network interface

This is a minimal hardware configuration enough to serve up to 500K hits / day. The network bandwidth must be sufficient to transmit the volume of traffic equal to the total amount of incoming traffic of all the websites protected with this node. We recommend to use additional network interface to process local traffic inside your infrastructure.

Software Requirements

The BotGuard cloud node deployment requires a server with one of the supported operating systems installed (minimal installation):

  • Debian 9 ("stretch")
  • Debian 10 ("buster")

Only 64-bit (x86_64) operating systems are supported.

You should provide remote access for the BotGuard support team. It can be implemented via VNC (for virtual servers), or via KVM (for physical servers).

Network Environment Requirements

  • Direct connection to the internet (without using a proxy server or NAT)
  • 1 public IPv4 address
  • 1 public IPv6 address
  • IPv6-capable DNS name resolution service