Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a DDoS attacks protection?

No, BotGuard is not a protection service against DDoS attacks. Typically, such attacks are aimed at bandwidth overflow, i.e. on the infrastructure of the provider. If the provider provides protection against volumetric-DDoS attacks, BotGuard will be a good addition to the protection, because service can reflect attacks on denial of service at the web application level (L7), due to blocking access to the web application of bots.

Is the captcha used?

No. In most cases, ordinary visitors will get to your site as usual. In some cases, if a visitor uses anonymization systems (VPN, Proxy, TOR) or behaves unusually on the site, user verification can be performed, but no captcha or page like "Please wait" is used. The check is invisible to the user.

Will the protection system hurt to indexing by search systems?

No, all search engines (Google, Yandex, Bing,, etc.) get access to the site, as usual.

Will the response time of the web site increase?

Yes, the response time of the site will increase slightly due to additional processing of the request for classification of the site visitor. Fortunately, this will only be a few extra milliseconds, because BotGuard servers are geographically located next to yours.