About Our Technology

The BotGuard service is integrated at the web server or CMS level. The inbound traffic is terminated on your web server. Then the BotGuard plugin forwards the Visitor's Request enriched with the connection data to the closest BotGuard node for analysis. The BotGuard node provides a digital fingerprint extraction and analysis and after a little magic returns the response to the web server. This response contains significant information about the Visitor's Profile. The information is used by the BotGuard plugin to decide how to process the Visitor's Request. The result depends on the configuration set by the user. By default it fires permission in case of legitimate visitor and denial in case of malicious bot, although there are other options like redirection, providing fake data etc.

We don't use traffic routing and proxies, neither user action like captcha or additional input is required. There are no issues with SSL in this scheme unlike some competitive solutions using proxies. The SSL traffic is terminated on the web server, while the BotGuard plugin sends a secondary request to the BotGuard node, therefore no need to transfer a private key or use a provider’s certificate.