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PHP Application

Are you a web developer? You are welcome to use our PHP library to integrate the BotGuard service with any PHP-based web application. Our PHP library is available on GitHub along with a quick-start guide and examples of use.

Not a developer? Then follow these simple steps:

  1. Download an archive containing all the necessary files and unzip it. The archive contains 3 files: index.php, BotGuard.php and Profile.php.
  2. Edit the index.php file. Replace xxx.botguard.net with the address of the primary BotGuard server assigned to your website. Replace yyy.botguard.net with the address of the secondary BotGuard server.
  3. Open your hosting file management tool (file management panel or FTP client), and find the index.php file in the root directory of your website. Rename this index.php file to index.php.original.
  4. Upload the new index.php, BotGuard.php and Profile.php files to the root directory of your website.