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Руководства по интеграции

BotGuard provides a variety of options to integrate with your website or web server. Please choose the one that works best for you.

NGINX web server

Integrating NGINX web server with BotGuard service.

Apache web server

Integrating Apache web server with BotGuard service.

CMS Integration

Integrate the BotGuard service with CMS plug-ins.

Hosting Panel Integration

Hosting Panel integration guidelines and manuals.

BotGuard Traffic Explorer

This guide is intended to assist new users with setting-up the BotGuard Traffic Explorer.


BotGuard ISP manager integration manual.

WHM / cPanel

BotGuard WHM / cPanel integration guidelines.


BotGuard WordPress Integration Manual

PHP Application

BotGuard PHP Application integration manual.

Plesk Integration Manual

Integrating Plesk hosting panel with BotGuard services.


BotGuard WHMCS integration guidelines.


Integrate the DirectAdmin panel with BotGuard.