Integration Guide

This document describes how to optimally configure the integration of your website with the BotGuard service. Depending on the software you use and your needs, you can choose from several integration methods. The quality of the service (the quality of bot recognition) depends on the integration method you choose. The best results can be obtained by integrating at the web server or load balancer level (in case of using multiple web servers).

If you have trouble deciding which method to select, please contact ​our support team​ for advice on which method best suits your configuration. If managed integration is more convenient for you, our support team will be happy to integrate your site.

We offer the following integration methods:

NGINX extension module

If you are using NGINX, this is the preferred integration method. Use the NGINX integration module from the BotGuard repository for Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS Linux.

Apache Web Server extension module

If your site is running Apache without proxying, then choose this integration option. BotGuard provides an integration module which works for Apache 2.2 and higher.

WordPress plugin

If your website is based on WordPress and integration with a web server is not possible (for example, you use shared hosting and your provider does not provide such an opportunity), then you can use the BotGuard WordPress integration plugin.

PHP Application

BotGuard provides a module for integrating the service with any web application written in PHP.

For those who use popular hosting control panels and billing systems, we provide additional integration options. To use the integration module with the hosting panel, you need a tariff plan that supports access to the BotGuard API.

WHM / CPanel extension module

BotGuard Integration Module for WHM / CPanel supports both Apache and NGINX ("Engintron") web servers. After the module is installed, the options for configuring the BotGuard service appear on the appropriate pages for the WHM administrator and CPanel user.

WHMCS extension module

Integration with WHMCS billing system allows you to resell ​ white labeled​ BotGuard services, ensuring our service integration with your standard service purchase cycle. This integration method is most convenient for hosting companies that specialize in VPS and dedicated hosting services.

DirectAdmin extension module

BotGuard Integration module for DirectAdmin supports Apache Web Server. When the module is installed, the BotGuard service options appear in the control panel for the system administrator and regular user.

ISPmanager extension module

BotGuard integration module for ISPmanager 5 supports both Apache and NGINX Web Servers. The module is integrated into the domain management subsystem and allows you to configure BotGuard protection for a user domain.