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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions.

General and compatibility questions

I have a web shop. I am not sure I need your services, how can I check this?

In recent years, the traffic of bad bots has grown so much that usually any e-commerce website needs some kind of management tool. You can perform a rapid scanning of your website checking its protection. This very simple scanner will emulate access to your website with fake search engines, popular commercial bots, and browser emulators. This rapid test takes less than 1 minute.

Could it be that you block some necessary bots by mistake?

We have developed a special method to avoid false positives. BotGuard lets you start monitoring your automated traffic in no blocking mode. The website admin gets advised by our AI Advisor to enable blocking rules one by one based on your traffic. The BotGuard dashboard lets you maintain and fine tune custom blocking rules. If any identified threat requires your attention, you will get notified by email.

Does BotGuard have an impact on the search engines website indexing?

No. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex and others can access your website as usual.

Do you protect a website against DDoS attacks?

No, BotGuard doesn't provide a service against Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks. Typically, such an attack is targeted against the network infrastructure in an attempt to overload its resources. However, if protection against volumetric-DDoS attacks is provided, BotGuard will be a great addition. BotGuard can resist Denial-of-Service attacks at the application level (L7), blocking the bots access to the web application.

We already use anti-DDoS protection. Do we still need your service?

Most importantly, we don't provide anti-DDoS protection. We integrate at the web server level to manage the bot traffic (scrapers, content theft, competitive monitoring, hacker attacks etc.). The most sensible policy is to combine these things. Some of our partners combine Cloudflare for DDoS protection with our service for bot management. Our system is based on digital fingerprinting and can be fine-tuned to the needs of a particular website.

We are using a WAF with custom rules, can we still use your service for anti-bot protection?

You can combine your WAF with our bot management service, and avoid using our WAF. We already have users who do this.

Do you provide web app vulnerabilities scanning?

No, our service analyzes your traffic, identifies the visitor and helps your server correctly process the request in accordance with your own settings. We do not monitor your website security.

What about human visitor’s privacy? Where do you store the traffic data?

The short answer is nowhere. We process the content of a website visitor’s request, however we do not store this data. We process it dynamically, and we do not use digital identifiers such as cookies and fingerprints in order to attribute requests to the unique user.

Do you have a demo?

Yes, we have a demo website at The demo website is protected with a BotGuard Cloud service.

You are welcome to try emulating the bot and human traffic to demo site and check whether the bots are blocked by the BotGuard service.

Which languages does the BotGuard dashboard provide?

At the moment we provide an English and Russian interface. The appropriate localized version is set up automatically according OS/browser language. We have a number of localized versions under development.

Do you use captcha?

BotGuard does not use captcha by default. Normally, neither user action like captcha or additional input is required. However, you can configure the blocking policy so that captcha is used in doubtful cases. For most of your website users, nothing will change with their service.

Does using BotGuard increase website response time?

Yes, the website response time can increase slightly due to the website visitor filtering. Fortunately, it's not more than a few milliseconds. BotGuard servers are located close by to ensure high speed and minimal network latency.

I can't login to my site control panel, I'm blocked!

BotGuard blocks access to the website admin pages for security reasons. You can create a special Custom rule based on your IP address, or allow access to these pages from any address.

To add a personal custom rule, open a Rules editor page and create a New rule based on your IP-address.

To allow access to everyone, create a rule or a set of rules allowing access to specific pages. For example, if the admin pages URL starts with, then you can add a regex ^\/admin\/ to the rule to allow access to all of these pages.

Technical issues

We have a WordPress website on Apache web server. Which integration method would you recommend?

We recommend integration at the web server level since in this case the recognition quality is higher. In some cases this is not possible, and then you can integrate at the CMS (Content Management System) level, e.g. you can use our WordPress plug-in.

Is it possible to use API connectors to integrate BotGuard?

Yes, we provide an API for our partners to manage websites on the account. Actually, this API is used by hosting panel integration modules. The documentation is available at swaggerhub.

Is it possible to see bot activity by website? I have several websites in my account.

Yes, please use the filter located above the log grid to filter the necessary requests.

I would like to be able to click on Blocked Bots to see more detail.

You can do this by clicking on the link "Add/Edit the rule".


I would like to be your partner. Which locations are of interest to you?

We enter into partnerships around the world. Please contact us directly.

I would like to be your partner. Do you provide any hosting panel modules like cPanel or DirectAdmin?

Yes, we provide modules for DirectAdmin, WHM / cPanel, Plesk and ISPmanager. Please contact us directly.

Is your client dashboard available white labeled?

It is possible, but it is subject to special agreement. Please contact us directly.

What are your technical requirements for the BotGuard servers hosted by our company?

Please, find the technical requirements for the BotGuard nodes here.

Now how do I control the number of requests from my end-customers?

You can always see the number of requests at your dashboard. Please keep in mind that the website statistics is updated after every thousand requests in order to improve system performance, so if the site traffic is low, this may take some time.