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We selectively block bad bot traffic in real time, while granting unrestricted access to a web site for human users, search engines, and affiliate automation tools.

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Painless Web Server Integration

No DNS redirection or proxying, no changes to the website code, no additional installations or server capacities required.

BotGuard enables you to protect a site built on any platform providing a wide range of integration modules.

Who Is BotGuard For?

Platform-agnostic service for 99.9% companies online.

Start Selling Website Protection

Did you know that poor performance caused by bot traffic is often perceived as a hosting problem? With BotGuard you can reduce your operational expenses by blocking parasitic traffic, reduce your churn by improving infrastructure security and increase your revenue by offering your customers the most advanced website traffic management.

Save on Traffic and Servers

Greatly reducing the parasitic load and freeing up a lot of resources, your servers can easily handle 15-25% more real requests.

Ensure Websites Safety

With the growth of media coverage, website owners are increasingly concerned about bot traffic. Protect your customers and reduce your churn the easiest way possible.

Upsell Website Protection

Enable your customers to fine-tune their web traffic. Increase your revenue by upselling advanced anti-bot protection with no upfront costs or min commitment.

Integration methods

We have developed a number of integration methods and components that are optimal for hosting companies, including plugins for WHM / cPanel, Plesk, WHMCS and other panels and billing systems. Technically, web server integration can be fully automated and take minutes.

BotGuard servers in your data centre

We deploy our servers in your datacenter upon your request. This allows you to keep your traffic private and minimize network latency.

Nginx and Apache extension modules

System operation is ensured by installing the NGINX or Apache integration module on the hosting web server.

Hosting Panel & Billing plugins

We enable the hosting team with service management and website owners with site traffic management by installing a hosting panel / billing system plugin.

BotGuard Partner API

This interface provides the ability to manage clients’ web resources through one partner account, while delegating the administration of specific websites to the host’s end-customers.

Request a Demo

Let us show you our protection in action with a free, personalized demo call at a convenient time for you. Our demo takes about 30 minutes. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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Identify Your Threats

An eСommerce website is an entry point into the retail business. Growing bot traffic can waste your server resources, increase costs, slow down customer service, and pose many other threats. We have developed a simple questionnaire to help you understand if your store is exposed to any of the typical bot threats. It will take less than 3 minutes to get a basic picture.

Scalper Bot

Bot buying out goods and services in a manner that a normal user would be unable to undertake manually.

Symptoms: purchase cycle acceleration, high peaks of traffic, customer complaints…

Denial of Inventory

Bot depleting goods or services stock without ever completing the purchase.

Symptoms: increased stock held in carts, elevated cart abandonment, reduced %% of payments…

Account Crackers

Bot identifying valid login credentials by trying different values.

Symptoms: account data shared across multiple accounts, simultaneous changes of accounts data and IP ranges…

Enable Traffic Monitoring — It’s Free

Estimate Your Spending On Parasitic Traffic

Monitor your traffic to calculate the share of parasitic bots in your traffic and server hosting expenses. Use Bot Traffic Monitor to assess possible savings on resources. No risk, no blocking, no commitment, it's fast and free.

Save On Traffic And Server Resources

The BotGuard system reliably distinguishes and immediately blocks unwanted traffic. Greatly reducing the load on web servers and freeing up a lot of resources, your servers can easily handle 15-25% more real requests. This can provide you with significant economic benefits.

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Let Your Visitors See Your Store Is Safe

Protection against scalpers and account data security are important for your customers now more than ever. Place a “Bot Protected” Seal on your website. Let your visitors know your store is safe.

Request a Demo

Let us show you our protection in action with a free, personalized demo call at a convenient time for you. Our demo takes about 30 minutes. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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Should You Care About Bots?

Up to 35% of your website traffic can be generated by dangerous bots. Want to check if they can harm your site? Use our lightweight scanner to safely emulate 5 typical “bot” requests to your website and check whether it is reliably protected.

Enter your website address above to check whether it’s securely protected against bots. This basic check takes less than 1 minute.

How To Protect Your Website

BotGuard works with a variety of third-party server applications. Your choice depends on what kind of hosting service you are using for your website. With a virtual (VPS) or dedicated server, we recommend using the web server extension module. With regular hosting, you can use one of our CMS plugins. Choose the one that works best for you.

Web Server Extension Module

BotGuard provides an easy way to integrate with Apache and Nginx web servers. This highly recommended option doesn’t require any code changes at the web application level.

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Content Management System Plugin

If your website is built on WordPress CMS the BotGuard integration can be easily done using our WordPress plugin. Otherwise you can use a PHP Application integration plugin.

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Plans and Pricing

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The plan comes with limited support and public BotGuard servers.

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The plan comes with standard support and public BotGuard servers.

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The plan comes with extended support and dedicated BotGuard servers.

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The plan comes with priority support and dedicated BotGuard servers.

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