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We selectively block bad bot traffic in real time, while granting unrestricted access to a web site for human users, search engines, and affiliate automation tools.

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Universal Cloud Protection

BotGuard GateKeeper allows you to fully protect all your web infrastructure by filtering web traffic at its landing point. It is an advanced reverse proxy built around BotGuard's bot and hacker detection technology that hides your infrastructure and completely protects it from any L7 threats and DDoS attacks.

BotGuard GateKeeper is the ultimate protection solution for multiple clouds including AWS, Digital Ocean and Vultr, hosting providers and enterprise-level infrastructures.

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Bot Mitigation + Web Application Firewall (WAF) + Content Scraping Prevention at the best price

Instant Website Protection: protect your website by installing a web server extension module (for Apache or NGINX), a CMS plugin (WordPress) or a hosting panel plugin (cPanel, Plesk or DirectAdmin).

This easy-to-integrate protection solution gives you a full defense against hackers and bots, server load reduction, SEO improvement and precise web analytics. Bots make up over ⅓ of web traffic today, and every site needs reliable protection.

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