About Us

Who we are and what we do

Who Are We

BotGuard is an European company established in 2019 and headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. Operating globally, with clients and partners in more than 30 countries, we develop easy to implement, state of the art, online tools to protect companies from modern-day web threats.

We truly embody the remote-first company culture, having an international team across the globe with more than 15 nationalities that collaborates in agile projects on a daily basis. From Honduras to Dubai with layovers in a number of amazing locations, we are dedicated to building a safer internet space for business and humans alike.

Our Mission

We give webmasters and site owners a simple and reliable tool to decide who they want to let in.

Everyone has the right to defend their home from intruders. Long ago, this right was known as the Castle Doctrine. These days, although we don't have castles anymore, we do have our homes and businesses, and we still have the right to keep them safe. The Castle Doctrine is about ensuring everyone is safe from harm without sacrificing anyone's freedoms. This is what we do on the web.

BotGuard Investors

In 2019-2023 BotGuard raised several rounds of financing which brought together a number of respected VCs and angel investors led by Tera Ventures and supported by Expeditions Fund.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Nik Rozenberg

Co-founder, CEO

Denis Prochko

Co-founder, CTO

Bertil Brendeke

Chief Revenue Officer

Martin Pawliczek

Chief Operations Officer

Renée Stromberg

Chief Marketing Officer

Jason Haworth

Chief Product Officer

Medeia Japaridze

General Counsel

Cagri Ozcinar

Chief Data Scientist

Advisory Board

Per Björklund

Chairman of the board

Leading positions at telecom (incl. Telia & Telenor) and tech companies in different stages.

Stefan Lindeberg

Business strategy

Senior roles at IBM, Cisco and Microsoft, founding partner of Creandum.

Aleksander Kuczek

Hosting industry

Senior roles at Contabo, serial entrepreneur, experienced advisor and lecturer.

Roi Carthy

Marketing and media

Senior roles at a variety of companies, investor, TechCrunch columnist.