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Protect your digital assets and upsell the most robust website protection on the market to your customers

A Comprehensive Solution for the Hosting Industry

Did you know that poor performance caused by bots is often perceived as a hosting problem? Reduce your expenses by blocking parasitic traffic, lower your churn by improving security, and increase revenue by upselling the most advanced website traffic management.

Save on Traffic and Server Expenses

The BotGuard Server reliably distinguishes and immediately blocks unwanted traffic, providing you with significant savings in traffic and server costs. Greatly reducing the load on web servers and freeing up a lot of resources, your servers can easily handle 15-25% more real requests. We deploy our servers in your datacenter upon your request. This allows you to keep your traffic private and minimize network latency.

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Start Upselling Website Protection

Enable your customers to fine-tune their own web traffic settings. Increase your revenue by upselling advanced anti-bot protection with no upfront costs or minimum commitment. With the growth of media coverage, website owners are increasingly concerned about bot traffic - Protect your customers and reduce your churn the easiest way possible.

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Wide Range of Automation Tools

BotGuard web server integration is fully automated and takes only minutes. We enable the hosting team with service management and website owners with site traffic management by installing a hosting panel / billing system plugins. We have developed a number of integration methods and components that are optimal for hosting companies, including plugins for WHM / cPanel, Plesk, WHMCS etc. BotGuard Partner API provides the ability to manage clients' web resources through one account, while delegating the administration of specific websites to the host's end-customers.

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