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BotGuard Dashboard: everything you need to manage your website traffic and filter out bad requests

    Allow access only to the ones you want to let in.
    All the tools available at, no need to install anything except integration modules.
    Bot protection and Web Application Firewall (WAF) combined.
    Comprehensive logs to build your own custom rules based on actual security events.
    Web traffic monitoring is always free (no time limits).

Invisible Check With No Delay

Painless Integration

No DNS redirection or proxying, no changes to the website code, no additional installations or server capacities required. BotGuard enables you to protect a site built on any platform providing a wide range of integration modules.

Integrate Protection in Minutes

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Full Features List

The full power of cloud traffic management and a robust web application firewall.

Our servers are located close by to ensure high speed and minimal network latency. With the high-performance BotGuard engine the maximum request processing time is as low as 10 ms. Automatic horizontal scaling allows you to handle any number of requests. Backup nodes across the world protect your website against global disruptions.

No need to make changes to the website code, no additional installations or server capacities required. Unlike other cloud solutions, DNS redirection and proxying are not required. Integration with BotGuard at the web server level enables you to protect a site built on any platform.

No maintenance or service supervision required. BotGuard maintains software updates, bot signatures, and attack vector database. We provide 100% availability of service, without any interruptions.

By integrating the BotGuard service you also get protection against website content leakage. Your site will be secure regardless of whether the content copying is carried out by advanced software tools, or by humans. We use uniquely developed proprietary techniques to protect your content.

Web Application Firewall (WAF) is needed in order to detect the dangerous content of HTTP requests. This is your line of defense against hacker attacks, including all the OWASP Top 10 threats like cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection (SQLI), cross-site request forgery (CSRF), and remote file inclusion (RFI).

Web traffic management is based on the analysis of the source of the HTTP request, i.e. on a reliable definition of exactly what software was used to generate this request.

Each request to your website is sent to the BotGuard cloud for analysis. BotGuard's high-performance system determines in real time whether a site visitor is a human or a malicious bot, and decides whether to allow the request, reject it or conduct a transparent user check. The result is sent back to your web server. A human user or a legitimate search engine bot gets a website page, while a malicious bot or hacker receives an error message.

Want to check if they can harm your site?

Use our simple scanner to safely emulate 5 typical “bad bot” requests to your website. This basic check takes less than 1 minute.

Why You Should Protect Your Web Application

Not all users of your website are human. Software bots, both good and bad, drove at least 36% of web traffic in Q1 2021. In other words, every 3rd visitor to your site is not human. Malicious bots are responsible for most of the current threats to websites. Some of the most prevalent risks include: