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Our plans are designed in such a way that they cater to businesses of every size – from small to enterprise.




Monitors threats and sends real-time alerts.

1 domain

hits per month



Per Month

Protects individual web sites from modern threats.

2 domains
hits per month

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Per Month

Helps small businesses scale safely.

20 domains
hits per month



Per Month

Helps midsize businesses protect all of their digital assets.

100 domains
hits per month



Per Month

Enables hosting companies provide protection services to their customers.

300 domains
hits per month

Have a high volume or custom requirements?

We offer a personal plan aligned to your requirements to suit all your needs.

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Each plan includes free integration software — BotGuard GateKeeper, CMS plugins, hosting panel extensions and web server modules. Only consumed resources are paid.

Subdomains are included. For example, if you manage the domains,, and, that's one domain.

We don't charge you for blocked visits, but only the allowed traffic. For example, if your settings say to block content scrapers, we won't count their traffic. DDoS attacks will not lead to overpayment.

We don't count traffic volume, but only hits. A hit is not the same as a pageview. A single web page can contain multiple images, stylesheet files and other resources. We don't count them, but if your website uses interactive http requests with JavaScript, they will be counted.

Overuse of the hit limit is allowed. If exceeded, an additional traffic package for 1,000,000 hits by the end of the month will cost €30.

We store log files for a month. If you need a longer data retention for some reason, each additional month of storage will cost €200.

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