eCommerce Protection Suite

Control your traffic costs from ad campaign to checkout

BotGuard offers a painless and convenient pipeline to assess your website threats and integrate optimal defenses.

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    Know your costs overrun in minutes, with no impact on production website

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    Identify your threats based on real data from your webserver

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    Enable traffic management to save on expenses and protect client accounts

Accurately Measure, Carefully Analyze and Securely Protect

24/7 SecOps team priority support included

Get started with a completely free measurement tool, then reduce your costs by blocking unnecessary traffic, and finally join forces with our leading security experts team to get the full benefits of the BotGuard service.

Traffic Cost Explorer (eCommerce Edition)

Measure and analyze your web traffic to calculate the share of parasitic bots visiting your store, know your extra hosting expenses, and assess possible savings.

No risk, no blocking, no impact on the end-user experience or server performance. No traffic interception, proxying, software reconfiguration, infrastructure change, or additional software are required. We analyze a copy of your network data obtained from balancers, switches and routers, or by tapping connections between servers; both encrypted (SSL) and plain HTTP traffic is supported. The system is installed in minutes and immediately provides the estimates on the nature of your expenses.

Most eCommerce businesses are paying for additional traffic and server resources in order to accommodate up to 30 percents even more of unwanted traffic on their infrastructure.

BotGuard Server (eCommerce Edition)

The BotGuard Server reliably distinguishes and immediately blocks parasitic traffic, providing you with significant savings in traffic and server costs.

With load reduced and resources freed up, your servers can easily handle 15-25% more real requests. We deploy our servers in your datacenter upon your request. This allows you to keep your traffic private and minimize network latency.

An eСommerce website is an entry point into the retail business. Growing bot traffic can waste your server resources, increase costs, slow down customer service, and pose many other threats. Among the typical threats for an average eCommerce website are the following: scalper bots, buying out specific goods and services; ad fraud bots, generating fake traffic for your money; spambots, spotting your ratings and reviews; credential crackers widely used to hijack user accounts.

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Full Features List

Protecting your eCommerce business against the new generations of bots requires advanced bot detection techniques. Traditional bot-blocking tools like classic WAFs, CAPTCHAs or IP blocking are no longer enough. Our novel, behaviour-driven software detection platform takes bot mitigation to the next level.

Security as a Service

We offer the easiest to implement, most reliable and transparent integration model. Nеither manual adjustment during operation, nor special knowledge in the field of web security is required. No hidden costs, the system provides all the necessary features while your servers and data are under your full control. We do not need direct access to your infrastructure.

Digital Fingerprinting

To distinguish between good bots, bad bots, and real people, we have developed a novel “digital fingerprinting” algorithm based on the detailed analysis of software features and connection metadata. This ensures accurate classifications of 8 main categories of website visitors including the most sophisticated human-mimicking new generation bots.

24/7 SecOps Team

We offer eCommerce companies a unique opportunity. Along with our protection comes full 24/7 support from our global dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) team. We monitor, analyze, and make recommendations for all traffic security events at the web application level.

Server Load Reduction

By blocking bots, the server load and the amount of traffic are significantly reduced. This will help your store to better serve more clients, while spending less money on your infrastructure. We encourage you to take a look at the performance research data obtained on real eCommerce systems.

SEO protection

In some cases, malicious bots become the main cause of degradation in search engine rankings. This degradation is usually based on content replication and, in some cases, also on the observed decline in the quality of store traffic. The BotGuard service reliably protects you from this risk.


From the 1st day, our challenge was to make the service both reliable and simple to use. We offer 3 levels of defense: Bot Management, Web Application Firewall and Content Copy Prevention. If you already have your own WAF, using our WAF is optional, and it can be turned off. All three components are combined into one service and managed through one interface.