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BotGuard offers a painless and convenient way to assess the threat and integrate optimal defenses.

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Identify Your Threats

An eСommerce website is an entry point into the retail business. Growing bot traffic can waste your server resources, increase costs, slow down customer service, and pose many other threats. We have developed a simple questionnaire to help you understand if your store is exposed to any of the typical bot threats. It will take less than 3 minutes to get a basic picture.

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eCommerce Threats Classifier

Scalper Bot

Bot buying out goods and services in a manner that a normal user would be unable to undertake manually.

Symptoms: purchase cycle acceleration, high peaks of traffic, customer complaints…

Denial of Inventory

Bot depleting goods or services stock without ever completing the purchase.

Symptoms: increased stock held in carts, elevated cart abandonment, reduced %% of payments…

Credential Cracker

Bot identifying valid login credentials by trying different values.

Symptoms: account data shared across multiple accounts, simultaneous changes of accounts data and IP ranges…


Bot aimed at spreading malicious or questionable information that appears in public or private content, databases, or user messages.

Symptoms: growth in feedback compared to the purchase dynamics, inconsistent timing…

Ad Fraud Bot

Bot generating automated clicks and fraudulent requests for the display of web-placed advertisements which leads to devastation of the ad budget.

Symptoms: higher bounce rate, lower conversion, inconsistent visitor behaviour…

Scraper Bot

Bot collecting web application content and other data for use elsewhere, very often used for competitive monitoring or proprietary content theft.

Symptoms: atypical visitor behavior, increase in the depth of browsing and number of viewed products…

Enable Traffic Monitoring — It’s Free

Estimate Your Spending On Parasitic Traffic

Monitor your traffic to calculate the share of parasitic bots in your traffic and server hosting expenses. Use Bot Traffic Monitor to assess possible savings on resources. No risk, no blocking, no commitment, it's fast and free.

Save On Traffic And Server Resources

The BotGuard system reliably distinguishes and immediately blocks unwanted traffic. Greatly reducing the load on web servers and freeing up a lot of resources, your servers can easily handle 15-25% more real requests. This can provide you with significant economic benefits.

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Let Your Visitors See Your Store Is Safe

Protection against scalpers and account data security are important for your customers now more than ever. Place a “Bot Protected” Seal on your website. Let your visitors know your store is safe.

Full Features List

Protecting your eCommerce business against the new generations of bots requires advanced bot detection techniques. Traditional bot-blocking tools like classic WAFs, CAPTCHAs or IP blocking are no longer enough. Our novel, behaviour-driven software detection platform takes bot mitigation to the next level.

Security as a Service

We offer the easiest to implement, most reliable and transparent integration model. Nеither manual adjustment during operation, nor special knowledge in the field of web security is required. No hidden costs, the system provides all the necessary features while your servers and data are under your full control. We do not need direct access to your infrastructure.

Digital Fingerprinting

To distinguish between good bots, bad bots, and real people, we have developed a novel “digital fingerprinting” algorithm based on the detailed analysis of software features and connection metadata. This ensures accurate classifications of 8 main categories of website visitors including the most sophisticated human-mimicking new generation bots.


From the 1st day, our challenge was to make the service both reliable and simple to use. We offer 3 levels of defense: Bot Management, Web Application Firewall and Content Copy Prevention. If you already have your own WAF, using our WAF is optional, and it can be turned off. All three components are combined into one service and managed through one interface.

Server Load Reduction

By blocking bots, the server load and the amount of traffic are significantly reduced. This will help your store to better serve more clients, while spending less money on your infrastructure. We encourage you to take a look at the performance research data obtained on real eCommerce systems.

SEO protection

In some cases, malicious bots become the main cause of degradation in search engine rankings. This degradation is usually based on content replication and, in some cases, also on the observed decline in the quality of store traffic. The BotGuard service reliably protects you from this risk.

24/7 SecOps Team

We offer eCommerce companies a unique opportunity. Along with our protection comes full 24/7 support from our global dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) team. We monitor, analyze, and make recommendations for all traffic security events at the web application level.

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Integration Methods

BotGuard provides a variety of options to integrate with your storefront. We offer a number of plugins for different systems. With a significant amount of traffic, we will deploy the BotGuard servers in your datacenter to minimize network latency. The exact method you choose will depend on your architecture, you are free to choose what suits you best.

Back-end Integration

Back-end integration is essential to provide analysis and selective filtering of your store's web traffic. We strongly recommend eCommerce companies to use either integration with a web server based on our NGINX or Apache extension module or BotGuard Proxy. The choice of method will depend on the specific features of your server environment. Both methods are the most sensitive in terms of malicious traffic detection and, at the same time, the most stable.

Setting Up Protection Rules

All the BotGuard protection settings can be easily adjusted in your account. Using our interface does not require any special knowledge of network security or administration. The system recognizes 8 main categories of visitors, for which you can allow or deny access according to your preferences. Security and administration professionals can additionally configure an arbitrary number of custom rules that may be required specifically for your system.

Our support team will always provide you with all the necessary assistance.


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