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Improve Your Infrastructure — Reduce Costs

Did you know that poor performance caused by bot traffic is often perceived as a hosting problem? With BotGuard you can reduce your operational expenses by blocking parasitic traffic and reduce your churn by improving infrastructure security.

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Increase your revenue and stand out from the hosting competition upselling your customers the most robust and flexible bot-protection in the market. Out-of-the-box end user functionality. User policy and customer prices are at your sole discretion.

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    Arrange a demo

    The demo takes about 30 to 45 minutes, arranged at a time that’s convenient for you, and includes a live demonstration of how the system works in a configuration that is as close as possible to yours.

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    Test the solution

    We will provide you with all the software and credentials necessary to test the functionality and performance of the BotGuard service in your test environment. No commitment at this step.

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    Integrate and launch

    A dedicated team at BotGuard will advise on optimal business terms, help you with integration and sales collateral development, assist with the launch of the service, and provide 24/7 Security Operations support.

Why BotGuard

We are focused on working with hosting companies and already have a lot of experience. We’ll help you reduce your costs. We’ll advise you how to quickly and painlessly integrate our service. We’ll ensure you upsell our protection and make your customers happier. We have developed a special up-sales kit and created a dedicated SecOps support line.

Minimal network latency, no DNS redirection, no proxies

Installing Botguard servers on hosting partner networks ensures minimal network latency and high performance. We integrate with extension modules at the web server level, no DNS redirection or proxying required. We use server redundancy to provide 100% availability of service, without any interruptions.

Give your clients control over their own rule set

When it comes to the web application layer, each website can have its own specific requirements, especially in regard to the traffic management. Our solution will free your support team from headaches. We provide an interface that allows website owners to configure the service directly from your hosting panel.

Dedicated 24/7 Security Operations Center

We’re offering hosting companies a unique opportunity. Along with our protection service comes full 24/7 support from our global dedicated Security Operations Team. We monitor, analyze, and make recommendations for all the traffic protection events at the web application layer.

Request a Demo

See BotGuard in action, and calculate savings and revenue based on your data.

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How to integrate?

We have developed a number of integration methods and components that are optimal for hosting companies, including plugins for WHM / cPanel, Plesk, WHMCS and other panels and billing systems. Technically, web server integration can be fully automated and take minutes.

BotGuard servers in your data centre

We deploy our servers in your datacenter upon your request. This allows you to keep your traffic private and minimize network latency.

Nginx and Apache extension modules

System operation is ensured by installing the NGINX or Apache integration module on the hosting web server.

Hosting Panel & Billing plugins

We enable the hosting team with service management and website owners with site traffic management by installing a hosting panel / billing system plugin.

BotGuard Partner API

This interface provides the ability to manage clients’ web resources through one partner account, while delegating the administration of specific websites to the host’s end-customers.

Join The BotGuard Partner Program

With the BotGuard Partner program, your end-user pricing and policy are at your sole discretion. We provide our partners with all the necessary infrastructure, 24/7 support, and comprehensive sales collateral.

  • no upfront investment
  • traffic and server load reduction
  • additional revenue

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