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BotGuard case studies

You’re In Good Company

BotGuard is extremely flexible regarding customer integration. We believe you know what is best for your business. The choice is always yours. Learn how companies like yours are implementing our protection.

Industrial Company


An experienced production, engineering and trading company specializing in process equipment for the food, pharma, and water supply industries.

The company's website provides access to company information, a wide range of specific documentation, and customer services.


The primary cause of customer concern was the emergence of its content duplicated on third-party sites that had no link to them, and even on competitors' sites. At the same time, traffic patterns that did not correspond to regular activity were observed.


Mitigate scraper bots and provide technical copyright protection for the company’s intellectual property. Protect the company's website from competitive monitoring.


Integration and Customization

The customer uses a dedicated virtual server for hosting. The integration with the support of the BotGuard SOС specialists was done in less than an hour. During the first week, the system was operated in monitoring mode to train traffic patterns in order to avoid false positives. Then the customer team turned on the blocking of bots. The cost of protection is significantly less than the cost of hosting.

Under the Hood

The standard backend integration based on the BotGuard NGINX extension module is used. The traffic control panel provides a way to distinguish all the relevant visitor categories including humans and different types of automated tools. For each category, the corresponding rules are configured individually.

Results Achieved

Content copying has stopped completely. After 3 months from the moment of integration, there were no complaints about false positives.