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Hosting Partner Program

Reduce your customers’ risks with cloud-based website protection

Why Is It Important To Protect Customer Websites?

Poor performance and website downtime caused by malicious bot traffic is often perceived as a hosting problem, urging customers to change their hosting provider.

36% of web traffic in 2020 was driven by software bots - Meaning every third website user is not human!

Why Traditional Bot-blocking Tools Are Not Enough

  • Home-made scripts block the most easily recognizable bots at best
  • They also require extremely large resources for consistent updates and support
  • Traditional WAFs fall short facing today's modern and "next-gen" bots
  • Next-generation bots use sophisticated techniques to remain undetected, such as mimicking human behavior and abusing open-source tools
  • In many cases it kills conversion rates and deters users from visiting your site again
  • Captcha/Recaptcha does not distinguish the more sophisticated bots

What You Get

  1. Save on traffic and server resources
  2. Reduce your churn rate
  3. Provide your customers with robust web app protection

It's Easy To Do Business With Us

  1. No upfront investment or min commitment - Protect all of your datacenter servers for just a fraction of your savings on web traffic and server resources.
  2. Upsell web app protection for high traffic sites, multiple domains, and categories

Botguard For Hosting Companies

Installing Botguard Virtual Appliance servers on the hosting partner network ensures minimal network latency and high performance. No DNS redirection or proxying, no changes to the website code, no additional installations or server capacities required.

Integration is easy with the most popular hosting panels, including WHM/cPanel, Plesk, WHMCS, DirectAdmin and ISPManager. Integration with any proprietary panel is also possible via the BotGuard Partner API.

Our service is unique! Unlike all other known solutions, we provide an opportunity for domain owners to fine-tune and customize protection rules on their own for each particular domain. This is the only viable and efficient option with web application layer security.

We provide you with a dedicated 3rd line support team, available 24/7 globally. Our Security Operation Center experts will help you solve any web application layer traffic security issue without having to provide us with access to your infrastructure.

We provide you with a reseller marketing kit, technical manuals, and tech support to get started with reselling or upselling the BotGuard service easily and efficiently.

You’re In Good Company

BotGuard is extremely flexible regarding partner integration. We believe you know what is best for your business and the choice is always yours.

Learn more about how companies like yours are implementing our protection: