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Read how companies like yours are securing their websites and optimizing their resources using our web protection service.

VPS Hosting Provider

VPS company: more than 1/3 of newly created virtual servers use BotGuard protection

Shared Hosting Provider

Learn how shared hosting companies like yours are implementing our protection

Municipality Website

Instant traffic reduction by an average of 16.5%, smoothing traffic peaks up to 52%. Complete and reliable scraper bots protection at a price lower than VPS hosting.

Industrial Company

Content copying has stopped completely. After 3 months from the moment of integration, there were no complaints about false positives.

Online Retail

Online retailer: complete, reliable infrastructure protection and significant savings in infrastructure costs.

Industrial Company

You’re In Good Company BotGuard is extremely flexible regarding customer integration. We believe you know what is best for your business. The choice is always yours. Learn how companies like yours are implementing our protection. About Stolen User Accounts Bad bots are responsible for brute-force attacks used to reveal passwords by systematically trying every possible …