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BotGuard Ambassador Program

Our mission is to make the Web a more free and secure space for all. One way to do that is by giving website owners the ability to decide who they want to admit to their sites and who not. We created the BotGuard Ambassador Program to join forces with those who share our principles and support our mission. This program is an official form of collaboration between our supporters and BotGuard.

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What is a BotGuard Ambassador?

A BotGuard Ambassador is an individual acting as an independent representative and advocate of our company and it's services. A BotGuard Ambassador loves our product and the concept behind it, advocates for it, and gets rewarded for such advocacy.

What does a BotGuard Ambassador do?

An Ambassador represents BotGuard both online and offline on social media, websites, industry events, among colleagues and friends, and to whomever our products may be interesting or useful.

What are the benefits?

BotGuard Ambassadors receive numerous benefits, the greatest of which is recognition as a field expert.

Our Ambassadors also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free or discounted use of BotGuard products.
  • Early access to new versions.
  • Free or discounted participation in leading industry events on cloud and hosting technology.
  • BotGuard pays a commission for all deals carried out with the Ambassador's participation or support. At the sole discretion of the Ambassador the commission can be: 1) Paid in full to the Ambassador, 2) Used as a donation towards one of the supported nonprofit organizations, or 3) Distributed between the two as a 50/50 split.


See to choose the program that best suits your principles.

You are welcome to suggest additional charities that you are interested in supporting. Write to us at

Who can become an Ambassador?

BotGuard Ambassadors have deep expertise in tech business, cloud infrastructure, and hosting technology. They are respected professionals and influencers in those areas. Many of them play a leadership role in the user community and largely determine the direction of our further development.

Nominate an Ambassador

If you know someone who you think would be a great Ambassador, please share your thoughts with us at