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BotGuard Web Traffic Management

BotGuard Web Traffic Management is one of the 3 main systems included in the BotGuard cloud service. It helps you to configure access to the website only for those whom you want to see among your users.

Not all users of your website are human. Not all of them are also legitimate users. Some of these can pose a real threat, while others simply create parasitic web traffic that does no good to the website and slows it down for other users. BotGuard Web Traffic Management allows you to block access to unwanted visitors so that legitimate users do not notice anything.

The system is extremely easy to set up. The BotGuard dashboard lets you modify system settings, maintain white- and blacklists, fine tune blocking rules, monitor statistics, and create reports in real time. You simply choose from 8 main categories of visitors who you want to see on your website. Do you have more complex cases? Then you just need to set up a custom rule.

How BotGuard Traffic Management Works

Each request to your website is sent to the BotGuard cloud for analysis. BotGuard’s high-performance system determines in real time whether a site visitor is a human or a malicious bot, and decides whether to allow the request, reject it or conduct a transparent user check. The result is sent back to your web server. A human user or a legitimate search engine bot gets a website page, while a malicious bot or hacker receives an error message.

The BotGuard engine analyzes the behavior of your site visitors, forms their “digital fingerprints” and stores the results in a database. Our dynamically built database contains millions of browser fingerprints providing a fast and effective way to identify the majority of bots and hacker attacks. Our research team is constantly expanding the database by monitoring all the data that matters for the website security.

For most of your website users, this means that nothing will change with their service. In case of reasonable doubt, the site visitor is checked invisibly, with no delay. No user action like Captcha or additional input required. BotGuard engine provides a variety of options to distinguish humans from software bots.

Set and Forget

No maintenance or service supervision required. BotGuard maintains software updates, bot signatures, and attack vector database. We provide 100% availability of service, without any interruptions.

Painless Integration

No need to make changes to the website code, no additional installations or server capacities required. Unlike other cloud solutions, DNS redirection and proxying are not required. Integration with BotGuard at the web server level enables you to protect a site built on any platform.

High Performance and Availability

Our servers are located close by to ensure high speed and minimal network latency. With the high-performance BotGuard engine the maximum request processing time is as low as 10 ms. Automatic horizontal scaling allows you to handle any number of requests. Backup nodes across the world protect your website against global disruptions.