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Welcome to the BotGuard Learning Center resource directory. We are happy to provide you with insights, analytics and industry-specific security tips. Refer to our latest resources to learn how you can leverage our bot protection and traffic management cloud service.

GateKeeper Quick Start

A detailed guide to the BotGuard Custom Rules Editor.

Rules Editor Explained

A detailed guide to the BotGuard Custom Rules Editor.

Frequently Asked Questions

General compatibility, technical, and partnership questions.

eCommerce Bot Threats

The most common types of bots that can threaten your online store.

Web Threats Classifier

What types of bots pose a risk to my website? What damage can bad bots do?

Handbook: Scalper

Find out more about how scalper bots cheat buyers out of a good deal and harm customer loyalty.

Handbook: Spambot

Find out how spambots can harm your business by skewing analytics and influencing customers.

Handbook: Scraper

Find out how scraper bots can harm your business by degrading your search engine SEO ranking.

BotGuard Traffic Explorer

Explore your web traffic in real time to understand what types of visitors use your website.